V-Flat World came to life in the summer of 2018 when Tuvy Lemberg, a former fashion photographer, got fed up with the difficulty involved in finding and buying the materials needed to make a V-Flat. With V-Flats being so widely used across the professional photography industry, it was quite astonishing that for so long the only option was to DIY.

At V-Flat World, we work with long-range vision. Our goal is to continue innovating and providing functional, and hassle-free products so photographers everywhere can continue creating beauty that will transcend them and their clients. Whether it’s for an in-studio or on-location shoot, you’ll always be ready with an assortment of portable, innovative products from V-Flat World to help boost your photography powers. Our journey has only just begun so stay with us on this ride and keep a lookout for what we have coming next!