10 Reasons Why Shopify is the Best Ecommerce Platform

10 Reasons Why Shopify is the Best Ecommerce Platform

From its minimalist design to its multitude of features, Shopify has made itself one of the most popular ecommerce platforms on the market. But why? Let’s take a look at 10 reasons why Shopify is so good that you should consider building your own store with it today.

1) Its a Hassle Free Experience
Running an e-commerce business can be difficult and time consuming, so you need a platform that can help make it easy. Since 2000, Shopify has provided merchants with all of the tools they need to run their business without much hassle. With features like responsive design and liquid templates, as well as a wide range of themes for you to choose from, you will find running your own e-commerce store is actually quite easy.

2) Its Very Cost Effective
Shopify’s products are really affordable. It starts at $29 a month and goes up to $179. You can even get an evaluation plan with unlimited products to test things out without making any commitments. This makes it so that if you want to start something and then decide it doesn’t work out, you don’t end up spending too much on setup.

3) Every Format of Digital Storefront
With over 500,000 online stores using Shopify, it’s clear that there are many advantages to using this ecommerce platform. For example, it’s user-friendly and easy to use. In fact, you can build your online store in just a couple of hours without any technical skills required. Additionally, there are tons of apps that you can integrate with your website so it really caters to your needs or specializes in a certain type of industry or niche.

4) Easy to Use Dashboard
Shopify’s sleek dashboard makes it easy to find your way around and customize your store for maximum conversions.
There are many options for adding different types of products, coupons, marketing promotions, social media links and more. The online interface gives you a 360-degree view of how your shop will look to customers from all angles. And Shopify offers helpful hints along the way to ensure that you set up everything properly and in line with their best practices.

5. Shopify websites are fast
Webpages with lots of images, videos, and content can take a long time to load. (And with pages taking around 5 seconds to load on average, web surfers are quick to click elsewhere.) However, since Shopify uses an eCommerce platform that includes an in-house content delivery network (CDN), those websites will load even faster than competitors’ services.

6) Widest Customer Reach
Shopify gives you many different options for reaching your customers. Whether you use their built-in advertising tools, or promote your store on social media, or through your email newsletter—Shopify has got you covered. They offer some of the most well-thought out templates for emails and ads, with tracking data to make sure that what you’re doing is working. You can also display ads on other websites in the same niche by installing a code snippet and adding a link back to your site.

7. Easy for customer
Shopify is so easy to use because of the immense amount of time they put into ensuring users have an enjoyable experience. Shopify’s platform is completely built with an entrepreneur in mind, and thus it saves a lot of time spent on learning how to navigate confusing design choices. In addition, there are a ton of different integrations that allow users to better customize their online store, as well as automated shipping and tax calculations which keep things easier on business owners.

8) Unlimited Colors & Fonts
Shopify boasts a beautiful, easy-to-use design. With unlimited colors and fonts, you can customize your website to look how you want it to!

9) Millions of Websites are Powered by Shopify
Shopify is a perfect, easy-to-use platform for all types of business – whether you’re selling T-shirts or mattresses. With over a million people shopping at a Shopify store and counting, they’re one of the biggest, fastest growing platforms in retail right now.

10) Themes are Fully Customizable
You want to be able to set up your site in any way you like, not feel constrained by templates. With Shopify you have access to a powerful theme editor that lets you modify just about anything, so there’s no stopping what you can create. We’ve been told it’s a bit like playing with Play-Doh – except you don’t get your hands dirty and actually get to enjoy playing with it in the end!

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