Website speed optimization

Website speed optimization

Website speed optimization is the way to increase the website performance, website performance is mostly important for user, It pertains to the speed of web pages which are displayed and downloaded on web browsers.


Faster websites are always bring satisfaction to his user, which makes easy access to the websites for internet browsers. To make fast loaded websites to visitor’s downloading and displaying, website speed optimization acts effectually.

Slow speed website effects a negative role in business, when a client visit on website and they face trouble because of, that works slow, as a result clients do not feel interested on their services. On the other hand if the website runs fast and smartly, clients are get satisfied and rely on it to take services from website.


There are some effectually ways could be taken to speed up websites

# Selecting the best Host: Mostly used hosting is the shared hosting, it is using everywhere around the world, reason of cheap rate. This type of hosting shares CPU, Disk Space, RAM along with other sites which also use the same server.  That is why shared hosting does not work fast like VPS server and Dedicated server. On the other side, VPS (Virtual Private Server) and Dedicated servers are too faster.


The most expensive server is Dedicated Server, to use this type of hosting users have to pay for server rent, and a system administrator has to be hired.



# Limited plugins: Plugin is needed for a functional website, plugins offer various of features for websites which are developed by third parties. Number of plugins are increased according to the needed functionalities, result of increasing plugins, the websites run slowly, so to keep fast website should remove unnecessary plugins.


# Avoid Web Fonts: Web fonts are too famous, but for using web fonts websites get slower.


# Using CDN: CDN (Content Delivery network) makes the website faster, but CDN is expensive.


# Using website caching: Website caching also speed up website, so by using website caching, that is possible to make fast the website.

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